n said: “All in?” Xia Yi shook his head and said, “Of course it will not work. If it is a haunted thing inside, we all go in exactly the same thing. You are a messy post in this toilet.” Li Xiaomeng smiled. “If we all die inside, it is not a mess.” After the laughter, she was scared by her own words. Her face was pale and asked: “The man clearly went in, why didn’t he answer?” Xu Xuui guessed: “Is it possible that Russians can’t understand our problems?” On the way before, the barrage has turned over the fifth player’s family. It is a brown-haired Russian player. In the previous copy, it was a top two with the bear. In the second haunted copy, I became a bear. After I lost the wildflowers, I cried and went to the toilet. I never came out again. Xia Yiqiu said with a smile: “How can I not understand what we are talking about? After entering the copy, all players are equipped. The translator. Besides, even if he lost the translator, there are teammates calling you outside, can you still avoid it? Unless he is already dead inside-” The voice stopped, the smile on the face of Xia Yiyi disappeared, and he looked up at the toilet. The campus was quite symmetrical in all aspects. The people behind it were corridors, and the classrooms on both sides were like One after another black hole in the abyss. In front of it is a half-length mirror, the edge of the mirror is black and lacquered, and the center of the mirror is clear to the people. The pool is dry, the rust smells on the side of the mirror, the toilet is on both sides, Russia The player enters the male toilet.” Shouldn’t you die? The flower of that person is not still there, which means that he did not withdraw from the middle of the ghost card, may just be trapped inside, we will save him. Li Xiaomeng’s voice trembled, and a strong smile was raised on her face. At this moment, she saw herself laughing in the mirror. Somehow she thought of another possibility, she believed that the rest of the players should have thought of it. That is The Russian player had no t