rothers. Before that, his power was mainly in his Tianfu government. He can’t insert his position, it’s Li Yuan’s people. At that time, the courtiers who were headed by the silence, as well as the old class of the ancestral hall and the Guanlu nobles, were all Li Yuan’s. If Li Yuan refused to give in, he still had the strength to fight, the courage of the uncle, Li Shimin may not have, and he really did. The situation will only be worse. But what about Li Yuan’s guilty? Have lost two sons, is it difficult to become a dark and difficult future, and then do a big job with this son? Besides, he is very old, and the Datang Empire he created is also intended to be passed down in a stable manner. The Prince is already paralyzed, and only one of the most suitable candidates is left. I haven’t been in a few years, and I’m going to pass it. Is it hard to be a fire with my own son? However, although reason has prompted him to make a decision, how uncomfortable the heart is, this is imaginable. Moreover, when Li Yuan was in office, the Great Seals Room, Guangwang sealed dozens of them. Li Shimin took office for three months. Except for a few battles, the other kings were all reduced to “county public”. Li Yuan was sure Not comfortable. Later, Li Shimin drove Li Yuan’s closest relatives and other people out of the court, and Li Yuan was even more unhappy. In particular, when Li Shimin ousted his servitude and rushed back to his hometown, he rebuked him for not being a courtier. He told him that it is your responsibility to be in a state of chaos when you are in power. I don’t deal with you, only your official let you go back to the old age, already very tolerant. In this case, it is clear that the Emperor is too stupid, and the wrong person is used. This words reached Li Yuan’s ear. What can he think? Since then, Li Yuan has been angry and has fewer friends with his son. Fortunately, two years ago, Datang and the many years of the deadly enemy’s sudden victory won the battle. Khan was captured and sent to Changan as a