ed Sumi first. “Miss Su, is it tired? The work of this kitchen in the weekdays is mostly done by men. It is also difficult for Miss Su to be here today.” Cui Ying is now more sincere in talking and comparing, not to say in the innuendo. Those harsh words. So this time, Sumi looked at the fish in his hand and took time to say two words to Cui Ying: “The Cui Ying girl is more expensive than the noble person. My old business is this. If you eat the craft, you should shout. Tired, what should I do after that?” “Miss Su said, then, if you continue to be busy, I will not quarrel with you. When you have to go idle, let’s talk about it, I will see you. I feel that I am very involved.” Who doesn’t like to listen to good words? Who doesn’t like to listen to special sincerity? Cui Ying is now more optimistic about Sumi. “Good!” Sumi hurriedly agreed, twisting his head and pouring the broth a little bit evenly on the fish. “Master Yang, what good pastry do you have there? Quickly give me a few things, the son and his guests are making poems!” “There are some, Cui Ying girl took the food box, I Let people give you, just don’t know what taste you want? Salty? Sweet? Or what?” Yang En asked quickly. ☆, Chapter 346: Liufu cooking 4 “Let’s have it, I don’t know what kind of guests want, just like Master Yang, you give everything you do now. I am here, which is better, which one is not waiting to see for a while, I let the little girl tell you, how do you look?” Cui Ying said to Yang En when he thought about it. “When you do, then there are more Cui Ying girls.” This knows the taste of the guests, and can be avoided when the formal feast is finished. Don’t step on the thunder, this kind of good thing, Yang En is of course willing. “You’re welcome, don’t hesitate, put it!” Cui Ying waved her hand and let the little girl hand over the food box. The younger apprentice of Yang En was not polite, and all the typed pastries were quickly put on the plate and carefully placed in the food box. “Cui Ying girl, this food box is full of dess