lp but faint a little, and turn to look at the lake outside the otter. The smoke is vast, the rain is slanting, and there is no more inexplicable. go back? Just leave and you can go back! Just leave! “Girl, isn’t the slave saying something wrong? Feng Xiao woke up and smiled: “It has nothing to do with you.” By the way, the water does not burn too hot, the wine is too warm, and the taste is not good. Zhichun went to touch the copper pot, closed the furnace door, poured the water into a bowl, and put the jug into it. “Girl, wait a minute to drink, and the slaves will help you with the dishes. You should eat two.” “With you.” Set the tableware, Zhichun went to get the wine, Fengqi took over, opened the lid, and a burst of wine scented out. Feng Yu sniffed: “Although the year is short, but the wine is good wine. “Girl, slaves help you drink alcohol. As I spoke, there was a footstep outside and a voice. “Yeah, the rain is getting bigger, you are resting here, the little back to take the umbrella. He, how are you! Dewang squinted. “I haven’t said how it is you!” I know that there is a Xi’an wedding car rental here, and I’m doing it! “You ” Zhichun, snoring! Feng Qi stood up and blessed Fu: “I have seen the son. Zong’s eyes hovered on the table and fell on Fang Feng’s face. “You are painstaking. The author has something to say: Feng Wei: Want to see the sky? How do I show you a show? Chapter 11 What is this? Soon Feng Xiao understands that Sun Ruyi and Sun Ru painting have not been lingering outside the gate of Liyuan recently, presumably causing the idea of ??renting a car in Xi’an. Motivation, natural knowing, and Lin Bixuan is subtle, Sun Ruyi II Xi’an wedding car rental and stay here, it is inevitable that Xi’an wedding car rental will also misunderstand her. Maybe the last time the master might have misunderstood. Feng Yu did not explain, standing there with eyes hanging. Zong Yi looked at her, her eyes fell on the table, saw the table with vegetables, two pairs of tableware, and a cup of wine, and a flash