s, the socalled “steps appeared in frequency more and more. This change makes Ni Wen can not help but be vigilant, she has every reason to believe that this means She was getting closer and closer to the place where the sea witch was hiding. And just as Ni Wen stepped forward and carefully explored it, behind her, there was a movement of other players. “Hey, roll brother, you Seeing no, there is obviously a problem here, and these withered plants look too unnatural. You said, we brothers, is there any hidden task? Another Xi’an wedding rental lane: “Hidden missions are not necessarily, but even if there are no hidden missions, there is a great possibility of rare monsters here. . There is no Xi’an wedding car rental here. We will go and brush the strange ones, and we will definitely get a lot of good things. “It makes sense to make sense. I think so. We have luck coming today! Let’s say luck? Ni Wen is listening to the helpless people. Who is going to fight the sea wizard? Isn’t that a life?” Chapter 139 kills and kills a legendary boss, even if he is seriously injured, the combat power is halved, it is not a nonlegendary Xi’an wedding car rental can fight. The three players looked very interested, and the situation was as if there was a Jinshan waiting for them. Ni Wen is now sneaking, and the three Xi’an wedding car rentals have not noticed her existence. Xi’an wedding car team appeared, maybe it should be regarded as a blame. Ni Wen also does not want to have more trouble, she continues to look for the traces of the sea wizard, only hope that these players can not be so unlucky, directly hit the boss Going to the body. According to the experience of the team playing the sea wizard, the source of the boss’s power is obviously water. Originally, the boss should recover faster in the water, but the boss should also know the fish Xi’an wedding rent The family will look for the Xi’an wedding team, so they dare not approach the water, which will cause Medici to entrust the player to look for it. Ni Wen observed the