Moline and Enron disappeared in the Forbidden Forest, he didn’t go with other professors. Forbidden forest to find them, because he does not magic, other professors did not force him. “If this is very important -” Professor Adams muttered to himself, “My father didn’t tell me about it. He was very disappointed with me. Now I lost this again-” Professor Adams At first, I asked eagerly: “How do we get it back?” “I don’t know, Professor, I can’t deal with Lucas.” Moline waved his wand and the Black Cube changed back to a book. “He is too powerful. The old witch around him is also very strong. It is very difficult to find them basically.” “Then we have to tell this news to Magee, let her help.” Professor Adams said with dignity. . “The principal has already known, I have gone to the principal’s room to have a cup of tea.” Moline took Professor Adams’s schoolbag and whispered a sneak peek. It is not so easy to expand a schoolbag. Pay attention to the scope of the non-marking stretch spell, but also need to consider the material bearing problem, but the general fabric can not bear the curse alone. But Moline and Arnold learned this knowledge. He knew how to use other spells to avoid this. It took about ten minutes to extend the bag to a wardrobe. “Well, I can only get it here.” Moline also applied a reduction spell to the bag. This spell combined with the no-stretching spell can be used for at least a year, and the spell will fade after one year. “Thank you.” Professor Adams is still thinking about the Dark Cube, he looks very depressed. Chapter 405 Genealogical Tree “Don’t be like this, Professor Adams, there must be a way to stop this.” Moline helped Professor Adams put the big handbag in his bag, which made it lighter and harder to lift. It will be too tired. “I hope so!” Professor Adams sighed. After learning that he had lost something important, he was in a bad mood now: “If I can master the magic, it would be fine – unfortunately, hehe.” Looking curiously at Professor Adams’s certificate of completion, she had n