suade you, don’t think about it. Come here to take advantage of it, our son is not as good as Miss Su.” Xiao Da has always been the treasurer of Murong’s family. It is natural that there is no pressure on the rural women like Wang Guihua. As for the 裴桓, although there is no talk, but a pair of cold Wang Guihua, who was seen by the eagle, revealed the coolness in the seams of the bones. He took a back and took back the basket of vegetables in his hand. “Sumi! It’s really tolerant! If you rely on the nobles, you will forget our poor relatives. Is it true? You really think that your wings are hard? Are you waiting? I regret you! Oh!” Wang Guihua He glanced at Sumi and pulled Zeng’s out The courtyard of the Su family. Li Laiqing and Li Dali looked at Wang Guihua’s rushing out of the air, and quickly asked: “Is this awkward? The house has not let in? Have you said it with her?” “Into the fart house! People are hooking up the characters now! I still know who we are! You talk about you! I let you come to dry up? No chickens! You can’t even say a word? Look at you like this! Come on! No wonder the younger brother wants to marry! If you have already found a place to jump on the river! I really don’t know if you are squinting to live today!” Wang Guihua said, he pointed the gun at the gun. Zeng’s, after a series of heartfelt words, Zeng began to cry. Wang Guihua snorted and threw a basket of vegetables in his hand to Zeng, and Li Dali and Li Laiqing walked forward as they said something. Zeng’s side was holding a pair of heavy vegetable baskets and couldn’t help but look back at Sumi. I saw that Sumi was neatly dressed. A little face didn’t know how many times it was nourished when I was at Li’s house. I even had a smile all the time. At the moment, I was talking to Xiao’s treasurer who wanted to get married. After a while, I entered the house. When Sumi and Li’s family were separated from each other, she still sympathized with Sumi in her heart. What do you think is a widow’s life with two children? But no