to be flowing gently, not knowing what he was thinking. Chapter 548 After the rumors of Halloween, the face of the magic mirror made many people like the magic research class, many students still regret that they did not take this course at the beginning, and many people went to inquire whether they can now re-elect. The magic instrument research class has become the focus of everyone’s talks for a time. Professor Singer’s reputation is also well known. Most students have already met Professor Singer, whether or not he attended his class. The reputation of the Magic Instrument Research class even overshadowed the divination class. However, the good times are not long, and things have not been investigated. The matter of the attack on the students of the Magic Instrument Research class is not awkward. It seems that this is not a secret at a time, everyone knows. “Is it heard? The Magic Instrument Research class is an unknown course.” “Yes, there have been three consecutive students who have taken the magic equipment research class.” “There are four! There is a six on Halloween night.” The grade girl was attacked and is still lying in the school clinic!” “How is this? I heard that Professor Singer’s class is great! Think about Halloween that day, that’s the best Halloween I have ever had! “But he married the great savior prophecy, and fate is punishing him.” “Real? Is Professor Singer smashing the prophecy or what?” “Not very clear, everyone is saying this now.” Cursed, as long as you take this course, you are in danger.” “God! I was thinking about going to the magical instrument research class!” “Unless you want to be the fifth victim!” These strange The rumors spread around. Originally because of the magic mirror of Halloween, everyone was familiar with Professor Singer, but after learning that four people were attacked, those who wanted to go to the magic equipment research class were discouraged. . Molin listened to these rumors, and his heart was also annoyed. “You said these rumors, willn’t Lily let