n leg, while singing around, wandered around. The map on the side of the Bly Peninsula has never been seen by himself. If you don’t say anything else, it’s good to be able to touch a treasure chest and earn extra money. He has not received the task in these two days, and he needs a little supplement at this time. Not to mention, the skin of the broken leg is really a treasure chest found in a wind tunnel on the edge of the cliff! He touched the past and began to unlock the book in a beautiful mood. And the progress of this opening is still about 20%, and the broken leg suddenly feels sensitive from the wind on the back. He wants to dodge, but he didn’t think that the other person’s speed was faster than he thought. When he broke his leg, he fell into a state of paralysis. The entire Xi’an wedding car rental could not move. Lying in the trough, where is the sneak attack? “Don’t think about it. Behind him, a voice came over. “This is the land of the aquarium. Now, apart from the two of us, where are the other players? This voice is exactly Ni Wen! The broken leg suddenly smiled. “What do you want to do with the night god?” Ni Wen secluded: “I cited a little blame, rest assured, not much. Oh, you are touching the treasure chest, it will be finished. Then I will touch it. This time it is not a discussion. I just use a sap, then I won’t do it. You play here, I am leaving. Hehe, skin, with her skin. This problem is customary for you! 133 chapter disappeared the skills of a leatherskinned Ni Wen, the mood was finally a lot of comfort. She then quickly reached the location of the Thunder cliff, began to look for Xi’an wedding team’s quest items forest tears. According to Arta Description, the aquarium suddenly attacked from the ground, then, According to the terrain here, there is a great possibility of a cave. It is also like the former Longyan Port, but the caves there are not eyecatching, and it does not make much impact. In contrast, the Thunder cliff is much different. Below the Thunder cliff, there is a huge c