party was an old-time dominator named Id Ya? I don’t know what the other’s servants and servants are, and I don’t know what to do. “Hey, KP, if I have had an SC for the mythological creature of the same race, then I will not see SC if I see this mythological creature?” [I suspect that you have not fully studied the mechanics of this game. 】 “Ha?” With a slap in the face, he did not study the mechanics of the game, which is a matter of course. Just as every game has a treaty that needs to be determined by the player before entering, most players simply skip the treaty and click OK. Who will spend a lot of time researching this thing honestly. Isn’t that boring? [Call: Each character card comes with a SC illustration, that is to say, every time you SC, you will record this in the illustration. The next time you meet the same scene, you will be immune to SC. This is also for Set to improve the player’s gaming experience. For example, your current character card named Yu Xing, immunized against human beings, a large number of corpses, Bai Yaki, Mi Ge, Star Color, Tinda Rose’s SC, because you are not reading through Revelation, so SC will not be immunized. Reading Apocalypse will be immune to SC if all your spells are understood. Gherrose’s illustrations are included. But because of your madness. If you fall into a long-term madness after SC, the illustrations will be included but will not be immunized. Moreover, this illustration will be zeroed after the character card has been torn. The new character card will have to re-include the illustrations. 】 “That is, after I have once lived the SC of Ide Ya’s Dai, I will see those Yi people in the future, no matter how many SC will not be?” [This is true, but only for this character. card. 】 Calling, then I really want to thank you for your reminder. The previous flaps didn’t know that there was such a setting. “SC illustrations.. found it. Opened the game panel, the flaps found a CG album-like icon in the lower right corner of the line of sight, and opened it. A pict