ha, hahahaha…” Deep girl is not happy, but Li Yu is stunned Purple. Gritted teeth and cut a tooth, Li Yu said: “You… I really want to drive you away!” ” “do not! You see how many people are, give you water and wash your feet, make a bed, and you will be warmed up, so you know what you are looking for. Immediately, the voice was stunned and pitiful. She was not stupid. After two or three days of contact, she knew that Li Yu was a very good man. And he was the aide of a general who could climb this high branch. I have security, I have to be driven away, where is she going? I have already left Changan, but this is the hometown where she grew up. If she can’t leave, of course she will not leave. Therefore, although she knows that Li Yu is more likely to say awkward words, it is not true, but she still plays with pity. In the dead of night, lonely men and women, this sentence is “warm bed”, listening to the heart of Li Yu, but can not help but sway, subconsciously said: “Well! Then you give me a warm blanket!” The room suddenly calmed down. Deeply biting his lip, a Fang can’t help but jump upCome. She is a small woman struggling at the bottom of society. The romantic unrealistic fantasy is far away from her, and her ideas are more practical. The man who is sleeping in the room at the moment is a good person she could never find under normal circumstances. Under normal circumstances, she can only find a man who is also in the troupe, as a lifelong companion, will have several children in the future, and also take care of their profession, humble and hard to live. If there are conditions such as Li Yu, and the character is so kind and good, even if it is a grandfather with a long beard, is she climbing high? Moreover, he is still so young, if he can entrust him to him for a lifetime… In fact, he did not think deeply, but the gap between them was too great, and the strong inferiority made her think or dare not think. Therefore, the half-truthful sentence of the time is only a temptation that she can enter and retr