re green and green prairie. When the wind blows over the grasslands, the grass rises and falls, and the winds also It can be blown into the corridor, fresh and pleasant. In some paintings, there is heavy downpour. When the lightning flashes, thunder will also be transmitted to the corridor. Every time there is a corridor, there is a black door with a sign hanging on the door. There is a department written in it. Moline is no stranger to this corridor. When he was not in school, he often followed Alton to come here. The “Don’t abuse the Muggle Goods Division” was just around the corner of the corridor. But they did not stop at Alton’s “Don’t abuse the Muggle Goods Division”, but instead walked into a lounge with a soft sofa and coffee diet dedicated to the rest of the Ministry of Magic staff. They walked through the lounge and went to another corridor. After passing the “No Abuse of Magic”, they came to a quaint and dignified front of the Great Stone Gate. The top of the gate was written “Dangerous Black Magic Item Division”. The door is engraved with reliefs. It is a huge gryphon. The gryphon is alive. The gryphon was originally on the ground. When I saw Alton and Turman, I stood up and flapped my wings. The cold eyes watched the outsiders. Alton and Tulman didn’t have any thoughts about the lion’s relief. Even if they didn’t stop, they went straight to the door. The two of them disappeared in Dashimen at once, and Moline found two small man embossments in the upper right corner of Dashimen, which was the appearance of Tulman and Alton. Not only that, there are other ten individual reliefs on the stone gate, which seems to record whoever passes through this stone gate. “It’s amazing.” Moline had never been here before, and it was not clear what the role of the door was, but he felt that the door should record the appearance of everyone. He also learned Alton’s appearance and went straight to Shimen. Shimen did not stop him. He had already come to a relatively dark and narrow corridor in a blink of an ey