tepped forward to stop Li Laiqing and his son who wanted to enter the house. Cheng Zhi and Duo Duo also stood in front of Li Laiqing Li Dali with an angry face. “We just go in and see, it is not to let you live here. I am afraid of your scourge. Can we check and check?” Li Laiqing actually did not intend to go in. He also knew that the house had no value for being harmed, but Now, when I saw Sumi not letting him in, I thought of something else. Don’t forget that when Sumi went out from the Li family, he would have one or two dollars of money! This time they sent the glutinous rice noodles, what did Sumi eat all day? Besides, this house is an empty house with nothing. Didn’t they go to the town to add things? Maybe you still have something to eat in this room! If you go in, you can pick up something, even if you have two meat buns to eat. Li Laiqing thought that there is more to go in here. Seeing that Sumi stopped and even wanted to take Li to hard. Suomi knows that if they are hard, they and the two children must not be able to stop, and now they push them. Turned around and said to the two children: “Go! Blossoming into the house! Knife to the mother to take it out! When I heard it, I turned and ran to the room. After a while, I took the newly bought kitchen knife and ran out on the calf. “Mother! Give it to you!” Sumi took the glittering chopper and looked at the two people in front of him: “Cheng Zhi! You Now I’m going to call the old neighbors, and say that someone is bullying our orphans and widows, and we have to go to the house!” Li Chengzhi glanced at Sumi, who was about to run and was caught by Li Dali. “You are a little bitch, am I not picking you up? Ah? Where are you going? You run! I see you running!” Speaking, I still have to start playing Li Chengzhi. “You let go of my brother! You let go of my brother!” Duo Duo cried and went to pull Li Dali, but Li Dali fell to the ground with a force, and was watching the blossoming of Su Mi with Li Laiqing. Looked like he hurriedly put the knife down and hel