But remember, you must not abuse the children of your ex-husband, otherwise there will be a wound in the sky, and God will sin against you. Xia’s outside nodded again and again: “The old man wrote down!” Li Yu said again: “This second pile, in front of your house, but there is a small lake, the length of the perimeter, about ten miles. There is a mountain behind the house, about two thousand steps high! Xia Yuanwai said: “Exactly! Mr. God counts…” Li Yu interrupted his words: “There is a mountain behind your house. It is a backing. There is water in front of the house, that is the source of money. But this landscape is not only your wealthy authority, but also greatly related to your son. After you go back, you will walk around the lake one day, one in the morning and one in the evening. One day after climbing the mountain, once a day. This cycle is repeated, unless the wind and rain hinder, can not stop. Xia’s body is obese, and he is most afraid of sports. He can’t help but feel that it’s hard to see, but when he thinks that the landscape is not only his source of wealth, but also his son’s guarantee, he bites his roots and says: “According to it, The old man must do it! Li fish smiled and said: “This is the third thing, your wife and wife, you can give them more food with alkali.” Vegetables, fruits, milk, soy and fungi, such as leeks, melons, mushrooms, wormwood, kiwi, persimmons, mulberries, chestnuts, almonds, etc.! Xia’s hard work remembered the vegetables, fruits, milk, soybeans and fungi in his heart. Li Yu thought: “Since you can have a daughter, you can naturally have a son, but you happen to have five births.” A daughter. I told him to exercise a lot, stay healthy, and let his wife and sister eat more alkaline foods, reconcile the pH of the body, and the chances of having children are greatly increased, but it is not a lie to him! Helping people to be happy! ********* On the Governor’s Office, Yang Qianye has been placed in the West Chamber for three days. Three days down, it is already fa