“Li Huan secretly swears, the attitude towards the fish is more and more respectful. “This man, if you really do my husband, looks like … is not bad. He was born handsome and his status was lofty. Looking at his appearance for the past two days, he was very gentle to his family, his children and his wife. If he was his wife, he must… live very quickly. Li Yu, who was gazing at the singularly singularly, couldn’t help but be a little red, and some of them were annoyed. She was annoyed that she should not dress herself as a maid of Li Huan. Now Li Yu is obviously avoiding suspicion and not looking too big. Looking at her, how could this be close to him, so that the two lovers are happy? Li Yu does not know that Li Huan and Du Gu Xiaoyue are examining his master, a man who is examining her, and seeing the two seem to His plan to run the county is quite convincing, and he can’t help but secretly, the effort is not in vain, and the Li valve family is operating in my county. This is the demonstration effect. Li Guan has seen the business opportunities here, and he is not afraid to go to the giants. At noon, they used a lunch together. Li Yu also accompanied Yang Siqi and Bao Jiye to accompany the guests to visit Meicheng. He hoped that Li Wang would see a lot of opportunities here. He bought a piece of land to build a house here. The best advertisements, as long as the news spreads out, many people who are waiting to see will be rushing to buy land, for fear of falling behind. The giants are still at the stage of investigation, but they did not expect them. The use of the inspection by Li Yu is equivalent to sending an international first-line star to run a township enterprise as a spokesperson. Another object of investigation, Liaodong Ge Hongfei, is more difficult. He is on the site of Lujia, and The Lu family is the great surname of the Shandong sect. At present, the establishment of the ancestral hall was initiated by the Guanyu giants. After several decades, under the perseverance of Li Shimin, Li Zhi and Wu