also shocked: Is this really true? Still playing bitter drama? The ribs are broken and still fight so much to participate in the show? Fu always does not feel bad about Xi’an wedding car rental? ? Most of them are unbelievable, saying that Suye ribs are broken and can actually take the first class. Fu Qing also thinks that Su Ye’s panic is really… very blunt, but in the end it’s a smashing of the past. The Xi’an wedding car rental staff will not really take the gauze out and check it. He only said that he should pay attention to his body and believe it. he. Su Ye took his backpack and walked to the bed in the most corner. There was only this empty bed in the dormitory. Others had Xi’an wedding car rental on the upper floor, or Xi’an wedding car rental in the lower bunk, full of clothes, everyone Unwilling to vacate and sleep with him, Su Ye is not happy to sleep with the Xi’an wedding car rental. But this bed has no scorpions, and the scorpion does not know who was taken away, only a crumpled bed sheet and some tidal quilts. The blackhearted program group deliberately turned a blind eye in order to explode, and Su Ye did not speak. They did not know that this bed had no scorpion and did not give Su Ye a new one. Su Ye is also used to it, put the quilt on the bed, took out a thick black sweater from the backpack and put it on his body. He is not going to take off his clothes to sleep tonight. The comment is still mocking the Soviet Union Playing a good bitter card, no scorpion can be with the program group, can the program group still give? The program group didn’t know that he didn’t have a scorpion, why did he pretend to be pitiful. Fu Qing was directly commented on the commentary, and the audience in her live room was also mad Yan Control: 555 is too much! What the younger brother is doing is wrong! The program group can clearly see how their every move may not know that the younger brother has no voice! The netizens of your Xi’an wedding car rental world are too bad! Passing by: I am so angry, ho