ill ancestors in the Sun family, and some ethnic groups and relatives, she did not dare to do too much. After listening to the old lady, Sun Qinghua was cold and sweaty, and said: “Mother, sorry, my son should not misunderstand you. The old lady waved her hand: “But, you don’t care about this matter, I have my own opinion, they are so upset Well, with their ‘beautiful jade in front’, there is another Xi’an wedding car rental to do, and there is also an explanation for Wencheng. “Mother, what do you mean? Chapter 7 Sun Qinghua’s eyes were shocked and flashing. The old lady smiled at him and smiled very kindly: “I received a letter before, is the sister of the city of Nanwu Fu Xi’an wedding car rental Xi’an wedding car rental, Fu Xi’an wedding car rental also sent Xi’an wedding car rental I sent some local souvenirs. I saw what I said in her words. It seems that I have a relationship with my family. If you say that Wencheng is married to Wu’s daughter, how? “When is the city and Wu’s daughter? Obviously this news is a bit out of Sun Qinghua’s expectations. “Wencheng is rich in talent and looks good. It will be normal for girls to like it. Mother only asks if this marriage is done, is it good or bad? It is very good, although Mr. Nan Wu is in the mountains, not in Shitu, but there are many students who are official in the DPRK. And Wu is also a wellknown family of the Jiangnan generation. More importantly, Nanwufu Xi’an wedding car rental, she is not eyecatching, but her father’s surname Song, now living in the old position of the cabinet. If the Sun family can climb the relationship between the Song family and the Wu family, it will not mention Sun Wencheng, even if Sun Qinghua also benefits. This will be a better marriage than the original and the family. Sun Qinghua looks complicated. The old lady smiled at him and said, “What?” Feeling bad? “I thought… “Do you think that the mother wants to marry the nephew to Wencheng? The old lady laughed and sighed, and the old eyes burst into a wise light: “Do