nation. Why does Yang Qingyun not go, only screaming: “Yuzhou is playing, and Guizhou will fight sooner or later. At that time, we will not care, the boss is her mother. I’m afraid I’m going to fall into the hands of the Xi’an barbarian. The three sons are waiting for you, and I will beg your face once and ask the boss to take a safe place. Chen Ling did not immediately agree, but asked The sentence: “You boss does not know this thing? Mu Kang stepped in a foot and decided to look at Chen Ling. “Three sons, I just want you to say a word, this is busy, do you help or not?” “It’s just a mess! At the same time, Mu Wei just finished talking about her writing to Chen Ling. Xi Xiang couldn’t help but swear by Mu Hao, and then got up and went to the house. Mu Yu shrinks his head and follows him, but there is no regret in front of him. Chen Yu also followed up and whispered to Mu Zhen: “It’s beautiful. “Hey… Hey? Mu Hao was cold and could not be praised. He did not return to God for a while. Chen Yu whispered: “The tens of thousands of soldiers guarding the border, not for the protection of the home Xi’an wedding car rental safety. The general status of the generals of the seat is somewhat special, but it is also the ordinary people of the girders, no reason and the soldiers to advance and retreat. The words are very upright, but the actual possession is not hidden, and Mu Zhen can’t hear it. She squinted at some surprise, whispered: “You look like a child, you have been so short.” Chen Yu only smiled at the first jaw, which is the default for the Xi’an wedding team. Since Xi Xiang is his future younger brother and sister, Yang Qingyun naturally also rents a car at his own wedding in Xi’an. His Xi’an wedding rents a dangerous place, and there is no reason to leave it. Xi Xiang rushed to Yang Qingyun’s residence, but it was still late. Yang Qingyun has been taken away by Chen Ling, and only one Mu Kangxi left in front of the door to think about how the boss would explain to the boss if he went home for dinner an