es is far behind in this era and later generations. There are not so many people who can start school, and naturally they will not know so much knowledge. Therefore, people in the village are afraid that this mushroom is poisonous, so they dare not go up to pick mushrooms. This is cheaper than Jiangyue, Jiangyue went all the way down the bamboo trees in the bamboo trees, and the back of her back can not be loaded, only to go down the mountain. Jiang Yue came home and took the mushrooms to the dam. The mushroom was the least easy to preserve, so only dry it. Cai Guofang saw it, full of sarcasm. “What are you doing with these poisonous mushrooms? You can’t eat them, you want to be poisoned!” Jiang Yue looked back at her, and the cold tone was full of warnings, “If It is best not to touch these mushrooms if you want money. These mushrooms are not poisonous. If you are still fresh, you can still sell them in the town for a good price.” Although Cai Guofang is not satisfied with Jiang Yue’s attitude towards himself, he hears that he is making money. Words, eyes blink brightly, “You said this mushroom can make money? Really no poison?” Jiang Yue nodded, if she did not say so, I believe that her hard-working mushrooms will be touched by Cai Guofang. Throw it. Cai Guofang looked at Jiang Yue with a puzzled look. “How do you know that this mushroom is not poisonous?” Jiang Yue turned a blank eye in his heart. “I saw others pick it before.” Hearing Jiang Yue said, Cai Guofang broke his own. All doubts, immediately beaming, thinking of having money to earn, and happy in my heart. In this era, work is harder to find than later generations. Women are basically busy with household chores when they take their children to do housework at home. When men go out to work, they basically go to work for others. At this time, reform and opening up, it is not a big pot of rice to eat together, go out to work, and each family is their own. I don’t know if it is because of the relationship between mushrooms. When I was eating, Cai Guofan