the hearts of others is too thin. As long as the people of the Saibei grassland mention the Central Plains, the first reaction is the world of flowers and flowers, which is rich and prosperous. In the subconscious, the Chinese civilization is raised very high and far higher than itself. What about the Kukpak? A ‘Kepschuck’ who is a combination of a dozen tribes of different sizes [not a tribe], their history is too shallow, and the distance from the Central Plains is too far away. The same technique is applied to them, but it is not a little bit of use, but the effect is too slow and too slow. At this gathering, Lu Qian was dragged by the North and South disasters for two months and gathered in Yanjing City. The heads of various departments in Saibei are more than two months free and happy, and one is not open to buy. In the first two quarters of this year, the fiscal and taxation summary, the key cities in various places – the provincial capitals and cities such as Luoyang, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong – taxation generally declined, Yanjing is a ‘green flower in a few flowers’, show Fly. Even in July and August, fiscal and taxation increased by a large margin year-on-year, because of the landlords who came from these grasslands. Now these people are all riding the horses to Yanfangdian to see the driving, the bustling city of Yanjing City is one of them. In the usual days, after meeting with the heads of various departments in Yanjing City, Lu Qian will take them to Chengde and his party on the bank of the Weihe River. Well, it must be that they first come to Yanjing City to drive, and then go to Chengde together, this order must not be reversed. However, it is now September, and it is impossible to let Lu Qian’s forefoot out of Zunhua, and the grass on the back foot will be snowy. Now I am going to Chengde. Is it necessary for a group of nobles to go to the prairie to eat snow in the wind? It must be known that the Emperor brought the Princess of the Emperor for the first time, but the body was del