Yu heard that Long Qing looked down on Sumi’s meaning and felt that it was useless. It was like a child’s beloved toy was said by others to be worthless. Now I decided to take Longqing together next time. Go, let him know that he is not exaggerating. “The village woman of Lijiacun.” Isn’t the place where he was assassinated on the mountain of Lijia Village? The person who saved himself seems to be dressed in a village nearby. Now Murong Yu is showing off a village woman. Is there any connection between these points? Long Qing slammed the corner of his mouth and chilled it, and things were really interesting. I just don’t know if this is the design of my great emperor. If it is really the one sent by the emperor, then no matter what village woman, she must squander the roots to survive. “Well, when we go together, I will see if this village woman is as capable as you said.” Long Qing gathered his mind and put away the murderous smile on his face and said with ease. “I will not let Wang Ye down!” Murong Yu is still full of confidence in this. After all, he has just witnessed the magic of anesthesia. At this time, he only cares about showing off, naturally he did not see Long Qing face. The killing on the scene is complete. “I came here today because I accidentally got a herbal medicine and used it to see you.” Long Qing spoke a long box from his arms. Murong Yu opened the look and surprised the voice: “Datura?” “Mandala?” Long Qing looked puzzled at the excited Murong Yu, some unknown, so this herb is not supposed to be called according to him Sneaky flowers? And extremely rare, he also happened to see a strain on the back hill of Lijia Village that day, seems to have been left behind. “Oh, let’s call it a sneaky flower. The name of this mandala is told by Sumy.” Murong Yu rushed to explain after reacting. “The village woman actually knows this sneaky flower? Don’t you say it?” It’s not that Longqing’s cognitive prejudice against the people here, but that his subordinates are ordered to arrest a person here an