ve it to Li Yu. Fortunately, this is not the emperor’s marriage. It’s just that the emperor is full of power. The special case has released a female official out of the palace. Otherwise, if she doesn’t want to harm Li Yu’s crime of deceiving the monarch, is it necessary to cooperate with him? A “fake wedding?” “That’s really a shame to be thrown all over the world! Yes, it’s a shame that throws people all over the world! Because these years, the ink master used the ancestral treasures of the palace to train her in the world, but the number is small, but All the elites are trained according to the standards of the officers. They only wait for the chaos in the world, and they are recruited. A group of refugees are recruited. With these elites, they can be scattered from a plate and turn them into a sharp knife. These people are scattered all over the world if she Yang Chiba is so shameful to cooperate with others to have a wedding… Her jokes are passed to these people’s ears, but is it spread all over the world? The very tender Chiba girl thinks that the roots are hot, really want to be so It’s better to be a shame than to die. “Cough! The inner and the inner reason are really difficult to say…” The curiosity of the ink master and Feng Erzhi seems to be not afraid of a single word. Anyway, the cold days, idleness is also idle. Yang Qianye is stiff and has to continue: “Actually, I started to use the prince to rebel against the chaos of that night. As a result, once defeated, the emperor would be suspicious of the Prince. However, as soon as the emperor came, he knew that there must be traitors in the palace, and these days have been being investigated. Feng Erzhi nervously said: “Ink white flame found the head of the temple?” Ink White Flame Road: “Stupid! If you find the head of your temple, how can you put your wife out of the palace? Yang Qianye said: “The ink teacher said yes! palace I have been unable to find the spies of the thorns at that time. For the sake of safety, all the guilts of the palace w