meet with Zhou Gong. ☆, Chapter 517: Zhang Yuyu carrying heavy money “Can’t you play too fine things? Is it because your tools are not complete?” Sumi asked with a frown. If the things on the tool can be troublesome, then it is estimated that Sumi will have to find a new store. After all, even if Shi Lei’s craftsmanship is no longer possible, can he not forge weapons with bare hands? “The tools are not complete? Guests, this is not the old king, I blew you, you go out to inquire, is the biggest blacksmith shop in our town, wrought iron shop, they have borrowed tools with me, my guys that But the ancestors uploaded it, and it was completely complete!” Pharaoh heard Sumi say this, as if he had been insulted, the sleeping insects ran clean and his eyes narrowed. “Then why do you say that you can’t play fine?” Sumi didn’t look like he was lying, but he also had some strangeness when he let go of his heart. “That’s me… my craft can’t do it! Hey? I never thought about hitting iron, can’t make fine things smashed? No, say so much, what do you want to fight?” The last thing I want to mention, Pharaoh’s face can be said to be difficult to read. This meeting with Sumi is obviously not welcome. “I don’t want to play anything. I want to borrow this shop. I want to use my friend to forge something. Of course, we still need some materials. If you have it, I can pay for it. Sumy looked at the look of Pharaoh in detail, took out the five silvers that were prepared in his arms, and placed them on the small table that Pharaoh used to lay the tea bowl: “This is the money I rented from the shop, one day.” Five or two, if I want to continue renting the next day, I will still give you the price. As for the cost of the material, I don’t know this very well. When my friend comes, you two Research, Lao Wang treasurer, what do you think? “There are not too many people in the town who don’t know Sumi, so he said that Suomi basically concluded that this old king is deeply impressed because there is no business economy that is very tig