slave. White mountaineering on top. After the defeat of the day, the loyal and loyal soldiers who fled the mountain were shivering like frozen chickens. After the rocks and trees, standing or standing, or lying down, there was no arrogance for the soldiers. Many soldiers held weapons and sat down against the rocks. Their eyes were dull and their looks were miserable. The mountain has been out of grain for many days. A whole day, many soldiers can only enter a bowl of broth. The inner meat is less than one hand, and all of them can only have the size of fingernails. So I still have to be grateful that there are live springs on this mountain, or else just lack of water, it is enough to make them thirsty for many days. Cold, hunger and despair, and fear of death, like an invisible beast, biting the hearts of these soldiers. Coupled with those wounded soldiers who are lying on the ground and screaming, these people who can only wait for death in the cold, will kill the last sacred spirit of the loyal and loyal army. It is also a loss of white mountain climbing, and some people who are metamorphosed in despair and become fearless, block the Jinjun offensive. Shou Shouzhong sat on a large stone, and he didn’t know where to go. His hair was scattered, almost covering his half-bearded and unshaven face. The deep despair called this handsome Yanbei Dahan face pale and his expression was unusually low. On his armor, there were three or four traces of the knife and gun, and one of them clearly penetrated the armor and injured the flesh inside. But now the pain of the wound is not as good as the pain in his heart. So many days, it’s been so many days. Qi Jun in the south and what to eat? After learning that Yelu Yanguang was defeated by Yelu Yu, he hoped that he would be pinned on Qi Jun. But he died in the white mountain for so many days, where is Qi Jun? Just like the judgment of Yelu Yanguang, Shou Shouzhong does not believe that between the emerging Lu Qi of the Central Plains and the Jurchen Dajin State of the rise of